Anything App Co-Founder Lodewijk Talks About ICOs and Crypto

Co-founder of Anything, Lodewijk Veldhuijsen shares his views on Bitcoin, Blockchain and discussed his upcoming ICO in May. The Anything App is a knowledge-selling platform where you can call, video-call and chat with others. Your knowledge is valuable. Open yourself to the world!

Anything’s AnyCoin (ANY) is a Utility Token on the ERC20/ERC223, Ethereum based platform. The maximum number of AnyCoin tokens is fixed and there will be no further minting after the Token Sale. AnyCoin tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract. Two burning methods will apply, per-transaction and through expiring incentivized tokens. Unsold tokens will get added to the token pool assigned for further app launches. The ability to trade will commence on selected exchanges within 30 days after close of the Token Sale.

Watch the Complete Episode Below:

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