Customer Care, Lean Project Management and Modern Management Techniques Training in Bhutan!

Modern Customer Care Strategies for 2019 (Jan 31st, Feb 1st & 2nd)

As 2018 has ended, it’s time to reflect upon this year’s Customer Care industry highlights, and to think about what’s expected to happen next year. To help you plan for 2019, London Institute of Business and Technology has put together an intensive programme at Thimphu Tech Park to make sure prepare for 2019!

1. Understanding the Customer Life Cycle and Retention
2. Engagement and Follow-up Marketing Channels
3. Modern Communication Channels
4. Communication Automation
5. Cloud Strategies for Modern Customer Care
6. Digital Transformation
7. Chat Bots: The year of maturity
8. Unified Communication Systems
9. The future of Customer Care

Modern Management Techniques & Strategic Planning for 2019 (Feb 6th)

In this programme, we look to the future to predict the next waves of change and how that affects Management. In 2018, new ways to learn, interact and perform our roles will transform the work environment and the senior managers will need to adapt to these environments to get the best out of your employees!

  • Introduction to Paradigm Shifts in technology and the modern work environment
  • Modern communication channels
  • Innovation within organizations and intrapreneurship
  • Applying lean methodologies to reduce wastage
  • Technology transformations and integration
  • Strategic Management for 2019
  • What will the future look like?

Reducing Waste: Applying Lean Project Management Techniques (Feb 4th & 5th in Phuentsholing)

This programme explores the principle of Lean Manufacturing as applied to project management processes. This will be an introduction to the advantages of applying Lean tools and techniques to Projects. It is time for the world of projects to reap the same kind of benefits that Lean has achieved for manufacturing – maximize value and minimize waste.

  • Identify lean principles
  • Discover how lean principles can be applied to project management in read life
  • Determine various kinds of wastage in projects
  • Specify value in the eyes of the customer
  • Identify value stream in each product
  • Make value flow by eliminating waste
  • Letting the customer pull the flow
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer validation tools and techniques

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