Implementing Customer Relationship Management

To develop an understanding of the scope and importance of CRM and to explore how effective CRM is achieved.

Awarding Body



25 Hours

Start Date

All Year Around

Study Mode

Classroom Workshop

By the end of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of customer relationship management to business
  • Understand how good customer relationship management is achieved
  • Understand the use of loyalty schemes in customer relationship management
  • Be able to plan improvements to customer relationship management
  1. Understand the importance of customer relationship management to business
  • Aspects
    • Definition e.g. strategies to learn more about customers and improve relationships with
    • Them
    • Collecting customer information
    • Systems to store customer information
    • Access to information for appropriate personnel
    • Analysis of customer behaviour
    • Use of data to inform marketing, customer service and quality systems
  • Benefits
    • Increased profits
    • Competitive advantage
    • Increased sales due to better understanding of customer requirements
    • Effective marketing targeted at known customer profiles
    • Personalized approach to customers
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Increased customer retention
  • Quality Management
    • Total quality management
    • ISO standards
    • Balanced Scorecard
  1. Understand how good customer relationship management is achieved
  • Processes
    • Creating a customer culture
    • Collecting and processing customer information
    • Making systems customer based
    • Supporting with effective IT
    • Complaints procedures
  • Internal staff
    • Senior management
    • IT managers
    • Operational managers
    • Front line
    • Administration
  • Roles
    • Determination of aims and objectives of CRM
    • Choice of system
    • Implementation and management of system
    • Liaison with software suppliers
    • Analysis and use of data
    • Implementing customer service policies and processes
    • Understanding of customer service as a key responsibility
    • Role model
    • Training
  • External stakeholders
    • Shareholders
    • Suppliers
    • Community groups
    • Customers
  • Roles
    • Agreeing strategies
    • Reporting
    • Sharing information
    • Complying with customer service policies
    • Acting in partnership
    • Giving feedback
  1. Understand the use of loyalty schemes in customer relationship management
  • Information from loyalty schemes
    • Purchasing habits
    • Opinions
    • Preferences
    • Profiles of customers
  • Use of information
    • Targeting groups of customers
    • Product development to meet customer needs
    • Adapting marketing mix
    • Personalizing marketing
    • Choice of media for promotion
  1. Be able to plan improvements to customer relationship management
  • Review
    • Systems in use
    • Current role of staff
    • Service policies in use
    • Quality benchmarks used
    • Quality of customer service
    • Available data on customer satisfaction
  • Potential improvements to processes
    • New software systems
    • Customer service policies
    • Working towards recognised quality standards
    • Introduction of mystery shoppers
    • Introduction of a CSR department
  • Potential improvements to the role of staff
    • Recruitment of right staff
    • Training
    • Clear vision and mission
    • Appropriate access to customer data
  • Entry Level Managers

How many students are there in a classroom?

It depends on how many would enroll per intake. Even if the number of students are just 1, we still continue with the training as planned. The maximum number of students we will have in a classroom is 10.

Can I request a date that is convenient for me?

Absolutely! We will arrange the training that is convenient for you. The training date is completely customizable.

Can I change the course content?

Yes, if the contents of the course needs to be changed, please let us know. We will communicate with you and get a course outline that works for you finalized.

Does it matter which industry I work at?

It really doesn’t. We take cases and discuss them to cover your industry. If you need the course to be customized and tailored to your industry, we can also do that. You’d have to let us know in advance by filling out the form below.

(The fees include coffee breaks, study materials and working lunches daily)

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