Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction for Managers

To enable learners to improve their knowledge and understanding of how organisations develop vision and strategic direction. The unit may be of particular interest for learners aiming for leadership roles in either private or public sector organisations.

Awarding Body



25 Hours

Start Date

All Year Around

Study Mode

Classroom Workshop

By the end of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand how to develop an organisational vision and strategic direction
  • Understand how to communicate the vision and strategic direction to stakeholders
  • Understand how to implement organisational vision and strategic direction
  1. Understand how to develop an organisational vision and strategic direction
  • Processes involved in creating a vision:  Written vision and mission statements, Values and culture, Language, Purpose, Good practice.
  • Factors that impact on organisations and their vision: PESTLE – Political, Economic, Social,Technological, Legal and Environmental, Government Policy, Legal Requirements, Regulatory and Accountability issues, Best practice and industry trends, Global factors, Data gathering.
  • Relationships between vision, strategic direction and strategic planning: Strategic goals, Evaluation of key factors, Criteria for analysis, Knowledge to set strategic direction, Strategic planning techniques.
  1. Understand how to communicate the vision and strategic direction to stakeholders
  • Communication methods: Understanding audiences, Methods, for example, presentations, formats, media etc., Attitudes – enthusiasm, stressing importance, gaining agreement and acceptance, corporate style, etc. Communication systems, External support and expertise, Embedding vision,
  • Stakeholders: Identification of different organisations and their structure, Identification of key stakeholders, for example, employees, managers service users, customers, funding bodies, local and national Government, Stakeholder groups needs and wants, Stakeholder roles in organisations, Stakeholder mapping and methods of engaging stakeholders.
  • Communicating with external stakeholders: Promoting the vision, Benefits analysis and promotion, Format and language to promote, Feedback mechanisms, Cost / Benefit analysis.
  • Building support: Communicating clearly and effectively, Equality issues, challenging behaviours, Language, Attitudes that do not support organisational vision, Negotiation skills, Changing systems, Procedures, Models of change.
  1. Understand how to implement organisational vision and strategic direction
  • Leadership behaviour; Leadership and management styles, Managing the change, acting as a role model to promote and embed the vision, challenging behaviours, attitudes, values etc. that do not support the vision, Importance of personal credibility and belief.
  • Embedding the vision; Models for approaching change in the organisation e.g. top down, bottom up, consultative styles etc. Identification of procedures, activities, values, language not consistent with vision and replacing them, Organisational culture.
  • Setting strategic direction; Links between vision and objectives, Strategic objectives – format, content, writing objectives, etc., Role of stakeholders.
  • Strategic planning process; Format and contents of strategic plan, Development of strategic plan, Resource allocations, Targets, Criteria for success.
  • Entry Level Managers

How many students are there in a classroom?

It depends on how many would enroll per intake. Even if the number of students are just 1, we still continue with the training as planned. The maximum number of students we will have in a classroom is 10.

Can I request a date that is convenient for me?

Absolutely! We will arrange the training that is convenient for you. The training date is completely customizable.

Can I change the course content?

Yes, if the contents of the course needs to be changed, please let us know. We will communicate with you and get a course outline that works for you finalized.

Does it matter which industry I work at?

It really doesn’t. We take cases and discuss them to cover your industry. If you need the course to be customized and tailored to your industry, we can also do that. You’d have to let us know in advance by filling out the form below.

(The fees include coffee breaks, study materials and working lunches daily)

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