Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain managers, procurement managers and sourcing professionals manage a company’s activities and spend with its suppliers, which can be a very significant element of a company’s total turnover. In the modern day, a company’s competitive advantage in most industries, will be determined by maximizing its relationships and the diligent management of its forward and backwards facing supply chains.

Added value and competitive advantage are found here, but are also lost here with potential devastating repercussions.

The ability to effectively manage risks in a supply chain is an absolute must in the skill set of any current supply chain professional. This course will equip and develop procurement and supply chain professionals to be able to operate diligently and effectively with their supply base, mitigating any risks and maximizing all opportunities to gain competitive advantage in their market place.

Awarding Body

London Institute of
Business & Technology


5 Days
25 Hours

Start Date

All Year Around

Study Mode

Classroom OR
Distance Learning

By the end of this programme, the participant will be able to:

  • Outline modern supply chain and risk management concepts as a foundation for operational success
  • Recognize and assess sources of risk from across the supply chain
  • Develop risk mitigation and contingency plans to ensure uninterrupted supply flow
  • Employ communications and risk project management tools to enable successful implementation of risk management plan
  • Recognize cultural, ethical and legal parameters for consideration in supply chain risk management planning
  • Supply chain management and risk
    • Supply chain overview
    • Supply chain objectives
    • Introduction to risk management
    • Risk management terms and concepts
    • Scoping supply chain risk
      • Supply-side partners
      • Demand-side partners
      • Internal echelons
    • Corporate culture and risk appetite
  • Managing risk process in supply chains
    • Stakeholder management
    • Developing a communications plan
      • Message scope and clarity
      • Identifying stakeholders
      • Mapping stakeholders
      • Customized messaging
      • Distribution of roles
    • Managing change
      • Technical elements of change
      • Political elements of change
      • Emotional elements of change
    • Risk process overview
    • Risk charters and documentation
      • Templates
      • Risk administration
    • Identifying risks
      • Scoping risk
      • Scope change risks
      • Defining deliverables
      • The Work breakdown structure (WBS)
      • Risk types and categories
      • Supply risks
        • Assessing sources of supply
        • Sourcing strategies
      • Service level risks
      • Financial risk
      • Alternative risk identification tools and techniques
  • Risk Response
    • Monitoring and controlling supply chain risks
    • Risk analysis
      • Measuring impact of risk
      • Measuring likelihood of risk
      • Quantifying risk
    • Mapping risks (risk heat maps)
    • Risk response strategies
      • Accept
      • Reject
      • Transfer
      • Mitigate
      • Contingencies
    • Managing risk charter
      • Elements of risk charter
      • Ownership of risk charter
        • Accountabilities
        • Responsibilities
      • The charter as a live document
    • Risk management considerations
      • Cultural considerations
      • Ethical considerations
      • Legal considerations
      • Risk and the external environment

Supply chain and logistics professionals, in particular those at operational, supervisory and management level. The course is ideal for those seeking to complement their supply chain and logistics experience with risk management skills suited for their day to day operations.

5-day training programme – 1,790 USD

How many students are there in a classroom?

It depends on how many would enroll per intake. Even if the number of students are just 1, we still continue with the training as planned. The maximum number of students we will have in a classroom is 10.

Can I request a date that is convenient for me?

Absolutely! We will arrange the training that is convenient for you. The training date is completely customizable.

Can I change the course content?

Yes, if the contents of the course needs to be changed, please let us know. We will communicate with you and get a course outline that works for you finalized.

Does it matter which industry I work at?

It really doesn’t. We take cases and discuss them to cover your industry. If you need the course to be customized and tailored to your industry, we can also do that. You’d have to let us know in advance by filling out the form below.

(The fees include coffee breaks, study materials and working lunches daily)

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